Project Overview

Aspire’s functional design process is incorporated into and refined through many of our projects.

Services Rendered

eXtreme Bar

Client Overview

eXtreme Work Out Bar was a personal project to capture the fitness based audiences. The branding must invoke intensity, durability and energy - while appealing to both man and female interests. The product design is based off a curl bar with attachment point at the end to attach resistant straps and allows the user to separate for convenience - the design was referenced from

Project Detail

To achieve the goals of the project, multiple services were needed to accomplish the task. Starting with the branding elements (color palette, font, logo & guidelines), to the drafting of a 1:1 scaled 3D model, followed by photo-realistic renderings - combined to portray the final product as best as possible. Attached in the gallery section is graphical rendition of the program pipeline that was used to bring th eXtreme Work Out Bar to life.

Digital & Printed Materials