Project Overview

Aspire’s functional design process is incorporated into and refined through many of our projects.

Services Rendered

Herb'n Piece

Client Overview

Our community ... Our place ... Our herbs... your peace... With all the excitement of living in today's’ urban society, a little piece of peace is our goal. The goal to create a community with a common focus of a world in search for “better” and not “more” mentality. By creating a “crowd-sourced” based driven data stream, we can refine our strains to bring better relief for all patients. We believe in building a stronger foundation through a well balance philosophy, At Herb’n Piece we follow a proactive based path of prevention, healthier living, physical conditioning, spiritual refinement & an “all-natural” lifestyle. With everyone’s hard efforts we can create a ”crowd-sourced” based data stream within our community, where information can be shared to make “better” medicine not “more”.

Project Detail

A brand and product design creation. Client requested a brand that appealed to the recreational-legal marijuana market - while maintaining a aesthetics that appeals to the urban community.

Digital & Printed Materials